Concrete Pipe Making Machine (CAP-150/200)

Concrete Pipe Making Machine (CAP 150/ CAP 200)

Manufacturer of CAP-200 concrete machine for producing Concrete Pipe, Lined Pipes, Jacking Pipes, Manholes System.
  • CAP series machines from Apollo HawkeyePedershaab are dry cast machine for manufacturing almost any type of high quality concrete products:
  • Reinforced and non-reinforced pipes
  • Circular and non-circular pipes with a “bell” or in-wall joint
  • Lined pipe with PE, HDPE, PVC or GRP
  • Jacking pipes
  • Box culverts
  • Manhole risers
  • Cones

Single and Twin Station Capability

A second production station can be installed initially or added in the future. Second station permits two different product sizes to be produced at-a-time and virtually doubles concrete pipe machine output.

Standard Features of Concrete Pipe Making Machine (CAP 150/200)

  • Compaction by synchronized core vibration
  • Frequency controlled vibration speed
  • Concrete feeding by radial horizontal feeder
  • Hydraulic pressing/rocking function
  • Demoulding by overhead crane
Diameter mmReinforced pipe Length=2500mm Pipe/hourManhole riser Height=1200mm Units/hourManhole riser Height=600mm Units/hourBox Culverts Length=2000mm Units/hour
Dimensions (mm) – Concrete pipe machine
ModelCircular PipesBox Culverts/
Manhole Cones
Max Product
CAP 150300-1500300-12002500
CAP 200300-2000300-15002500

Optional Features ( CAP 150/200 Concrete Pipe Machine)

The CAP 150/200 can be supplied with a number of add-on features to make operations and handling even easier and improve production in general.

These include:

  • Powered pivot for press arm and concrete feeder∙
  • Stationary control panel∙
  • Lifting hole equipment
  • Pneumatic equipment for casting of lined pipe
  • Elevating system
  • Cooling system for the vibrator
  • Double casting stations
  • 3 Meter length
  • Quick relocated platform / pit cover