Manufcaturer of Reinforcement & Cage Production Equipment.

CageFlex-260 – Reinforcement & Cage Production Equipment

  • The CageFlex 260 reinforcement/ Cage production equipment is both versatile and efficient and provide benefits that will increase plant efficiency.
  • This machine incorporates proven cage making concepts and latest in control and welding technology to make better cages…faster.
  • Diameter Capacity:
    Minimum: 330mm
    Minimum: 2600mm
  • Maximum Length:
  • The CageFlex machine’s streamlined operating design simplifies the cage making process, reduces machine maintenance, and makes for dependable day-to-day operation. With technology appropriate to the industry, the CageFlex machine’s proven performance has opened the door to exciting new production possibilities
  • As compared to conventional cage machines, the CageFlex machine features three-phase, 1000Hz welding technology. This new technology reduces power consumption, extends wear part life, and improves cage roundness
  • In living up to its name, the CageFlex machine is highly flexible and versatile, able to produce cages of all diameters and lengths, including oval and arch-shaped cages
  • Simply put, the CageFlex’s revolutionary technology has advanced the field of cage-making into the next generation
Features & Benefits
    • 1000 HZ, Closed-Loop Welding Controls
    • Eliminate Over-Steeling
    • High-Speed Operation
    • Simple Machine Installation – No Required Foundation
    • Wide Range of Cage Shapes
    • Reduced Maintenance Costs
    • Reduced Energy Consumption
    • Greater Tolerance of Input Steel Quality
    • Optional Cage Removal Robot (CRR)
    • Optional Kwikload System for Automatic Loading of Longitudinal Wires
1000 HZ, Closed-Loop Welding Controls
  • Increase the speed of production and quality of welds while at the same time reducing energy usage and copper part wear.
  • CageFlex’s advanced closed loop control system continuously provides feedback to the welding drive. This applies consistent current to the weld by automatically adjusting to such variables as differing steel conductivities and worn contractors. Additionally, the CageFlex’s 1000 Hz. welding system frequency, as compared to conventional 50 or 60 Hz. welding systems, decreases dwell time at the weld point to permit faster running speeds for increased cage output.
Eliminate Over-Steeling
  • The use of a cage machine in place of a wire-mesh rolling system can result in significant material cost savings.
  • Rather than stock a wide variety of mesh sizes, with CageFlex you can simply adjust the circumferential spacing of the wrap wire to exactly meet steel design areas. Users of mesh often “size up” and over-steel if they do not have the exact mesh size in stock. Also, the ends of mesh cages must be overlapped, adding steel that is not necessary to meet the steel design area requirement.
High-Speed Operation
  • Increase plant productivity through faster machine operation.
  • The CageFlex is designed with unique characteristics that allow it to run at speeds un-rivaled by competitive cage machines. CageFlex’s closed-loop welding control system requires less dwell time at the point of the weld. This allows the machine to operate at faster RPM’s for more cage output. Also, the return carriage moves to reset at a high speed to reduce downtime between cages.
Simple Machine Installation – No Required Foundation
  • The CageFlex mounts to a flat concrete floor. Installation is fast and simple.
  • The CageFlex is simple to install in new or existing plants. It simply bolts to the concrete floor. No foundations are required.
Wide Range of Cage Shapes
  • The CageFlex makes round and non-round cage configurations.
  • The CageFlex can manufacture round cages with and without expanded bell ends. In addition, the machine can be equipped to make non-round cages such as elliptical and arch configurations.
Reduced Maintenance Costs
  • The CageFlex intelligent control system controls power inputs for better parts life.
  • Because the CageFlex control system continuously monitors and sends feedback, and power inputs can be closely controlled to the optimum setting. This reduces the need to send extra power to the weld point to ensure strong welds. With less power and sparking, copper wear life is extended reducing wear and maintenance costs.
Reduced Energy Consumption
  • CageFlex’s advanced welding control system reduces power consumption and saves energy dollars.
  • As compared to the CageFlex’s three-phase, 1000 Hz welding system, traditional welding systems utilize single-phase, 60 hz power. With less control, traditional machines use higher amperage settings to ensure good weld quality. Also, single-phase power is less efficient than three-phase power and results in reactive feedback. Additionally, the CageFlex continually monitors feedback from the welding head to maintain just the power required for proper weld quality.
Greater Tolerance of Input Steel Quality
  • Advanced welding control allows better cages to be made with varying qualities of steel.
  • With conventional machines, varying steel qualities can create havoc with cage quality. As steel resistance changes, too much or not enough weld heat may be applied. Since the CageFlex continuously monitors conditions at the weld head, adjustments are automatically made as required.
Optional Cage Removal Robot (CRR)
  • The automatic removal of finished cages shortens the machine cycle time for increased cage output.
  • The CageFlex can be equipped with a robot that automatically removes the finished cage as soon as it is manufactured. This allows the machine operator to immediately load longitudinal wires into the machine, rather than wait until he manually removes the cage. Telescoping the loading of longitudinals with the unloading of the cage decreases the machine cycle time for faster output. Optionally, the robot can also tip the cage vertically for easy handling.
Optional Kwikload System for Automatic Loading of Longitudinal Wires
  • Automatic loading of the longitudinals eliminates manual intervention and reduces reliance on operator skill for consistent machine output.
  • The individual loading of longitudinals yields many production and quality advantages, but if done manually does require operator intervention. The Kwikload system automatically cuts and straightens longitudinals from a coil of wire and feeds them into the machine.
Finished Products
    • CageFlex-260 - Reinforcement & Cage Production Equipment
    • CageFlex-260 - Cage/Reinforcement Production Equipment
    • CageFlex-260 - Reinforcement Production Machine
    • Cage Production Machine
    • Cage Making Machine
    • Cage Producing Machine