Products Manufactured By AHCT In India

Concrete Pipe Making Machines

Concrete Pipe Making Machines

  CAP 150 / 200

Pipe Making Machine

  CAP 250 / 360


Mould Equipment

Drycast Mould Equipment

A concrete product can only ever be as good as the mould it was made in – words to live by and trust when it comes to mould equipment. ApolloHawkeyePedershaab’s vast experience coupled with our engineering and manufacturing abilities, enables the supply of precise, robust and long-lasting moulds like manhole mould, pipe mould, box mould, pipe pallet, pipe set rings, box pallet header with mould equipment, able to produce all types of precast concrete products like pipes, manholes and box culverts.

We supply high-quality pallets, headers and set rings, used to form the ever-important joints on the produced precast concrete products.

Manhole Mould Equipment

  Manhole Mould

Pipe Mould Equipment

  Pipe Mould

Box Mould Machine

  Box Mould

Pipe Pallet (Mold Equipment)

  Pipe Pallet

Pipe Set Rings Mould Machine

  Pipe Set Rings

Box Pallet & Header

Box Pallet & Header

Wetcast Mould Equipment

Wetcast Mould Equipment

Wetcast Mould Equipment


Pipe Making Machine Accessories

Pipe Making Machine Accessories

  Pallets / Set Rings / Headers



  • Pallet is one of the important part in pipe making process. The joints in pipe are crucial for leak proof applications. Considering this importance, we offer pallets which will serve the dual purpose i.e. become the conductor of transferring the vibration and profile of the pipes is maintained as per IS458:2003 Standards.

Set Rings

  • For the VIHY vibration Technology Pipe machines setrings are used.
  • The setrings are used after green pipe is taken-out from the Mould. The technical reason is being to protect the pipe spigot end from any possible shrinkage.
  • Set rings can be taken-off from the mould after 2-3 hours. This is most economical method of joint applications.
  • The setrings are made of fibre glass material which is lighter in weight and easy for handling.


  • Stay-In-Place Headers are used for
    • Most precise joint dimensions
    • Smooth, polished spigot surface
    • No grinding of out-of-spec spigots

MBK Cage Welding Machines

With an objective of providing the best and the most innovative products to the Indian market, AHCT did a Technical Alliance with Germany based group MBK which is one of the best manufacturers of cage welding machine worldwide. Established in 1961, MBK Maschinenbau GmbH is today a global market leader for welding machines for the concrete industry.

The company’s conduct is characterized by fair and friendly working relationships between customers, employees and business partners. It’s quality management systems are according to DIN EN ISO 9001.

MBK – it not only means the highest level of expertise and experience, but also stands for individualisation and distinctive service performance, beginning with the first design sketch and going all the way to production, installation and finally, after sales service.

ISM-250-R Wire Cage Welding Machine


ESM-R Cage Welder


BSM-R Cage Welding Machines


Other Imported Products
Other Products Manufactured By HawkeyePedershaab, USA

The short story …
HawkeyePedershaab from 1915-2018

HawkeyePedershaab is the world’s leading supplier of machines for concrete products.

The company holds a leading global market position and export its products to well over 90 countries around the world.

Hawkeye was found in 1949 by Hank Schmidgall to manufacture concrete pipes and blocks. The factory was located in Morning Sun, IA. Hank Schmidgall had previously worked at his father’s pipe factory in Hancock, MN along with eight other siblings. In 1959 Hawkeye moved to Mediapolis, IA.

The history of Pedershaab dates back to 1877 when Blacksmith Peder Nielsen started his first company in the Northern part of Denmark. Years later, in 1915 all activities regarding the production of concrete machines were consolidated in a separate company under the name of A/S Pedershaab Cementindustri Maskinfabrik.

In 2008 Hawkeye and Pedershaab merged and joined forces under the name HawkeyePedershaab. The company has headquarters in Mediapolis, Iowa, USA and Bronderslev, Denmark.

In 2010 HawkeyePedershaab did JV with India’s fastest growing concrete equipment maker Apollo Inffratech Pvt. Ltd., Gujarat and formed a JV company Apollo HawkeyePedershaab Concrete Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (India).

In 2018 HawkeyePedershaab annouced the formation of Afinitas, a new parent company, which also acquired BFS Betonfertigteilesysteme GmbH, based in Blaubeuren, Germany and New Hampton Metal Fabrication Corp., New Hampton, Iowa. The company has vision of creating a global, comprehensive, customer-oriented infrastructure equipment and service platform.

PipePlus Series Machines
Pipe Making Machine

  PipePlus-Classic – 3 Station Machine for Pipe & Manhole Production

3 Station Turntable Machine for Pipe & Manhole Production

  PipePlus 96 – Concrete Pipe Machine

Concrete Pipe Machine

  PipePlus 200 – Pipe and Manhole Machine

Pipe and Manhole Machine

  PipePlus Plus – Concrete Pipe and Manhole Making Machine

Pipe Unloaders
Pipe Unloader Machine

  Pipemaster Model 100

Pipe Making Machine

  Pipemaster Model 206

New Hampton Metal Fab & Spillman Products

HawkeyePedershaab has acquired New Hampton Metal Fabrication Corp., based in New Hampton,Iowa (USA).

The company was founded in 1945 by John Wegner, which manufactures form / mould equipment for the Pipe & Precast concrete industry specializing in; manholes, boxes, safety ends, curb inlets, pouring tables, flared ends, and specialty form equipment.


Spillman, located in Columbus, Ohio joins with New Hampton Metal Fabrication Corp. (NHMF), an Afinitas company.

Spillman, founded in 1948, a leading designer and manufacturer of custom wet-cast concrete forms. The company is also a provider of precast accessories relating to plastic spacers, magnetic products and automation solutions.


Pipe Making Machine


Pipe Manufacturing Machinery


Concrete Pipe Machine


Concrete Pipe Manufacturing Machine


BFS Products

HawkeyePedershaab has merged with BFS Betonfertigteilesysteme GmbH, based in Blaubeuren, Germany.

BFS develops, designs and produces machines for manufacturing high quality prefabricated concrete products to be used in sewage and waste water systems.

The main activities of BFS GmbH and its Italian branch office, BFS S.r.l., revolve around sophisticated machinery and equipment for production processes with flexible manufacturing capabilities.

The origin of BFS can be traced back to BaumgärtnerMaschinenfabrik GmbH, which was established in 1980 and was purchased by the Casagrande Group (Italy) in 2002. The “Impianti” department at Casagrande was assigned to BFS GmbH and it has since then operated as BFS S.r.l. The custom built equipment and machinery allow the production of a wide variety of concrete products and the company’s close cooperation with individual customers creates an efficient, demand-oriented production platform for high-quality products. BFS develops and delivers modular systems from semi-automated single machine units to fully
automated turnkey production plants.

State-of-the-art equipment and know-how has allowed BFS to establish itself in the national and international market as the innovation engine and technology leader for concrete pipe and manhole production as well as for other prefabricated concrete products for the professional construction of the civil engineering infrastructure.


Pipe Making Machine

  Pressure Pipes(PSC, PCCP)

Pressure Pipes

  Souveraen(Packer head process)

 Souveraen (Packer head process)

  Karibic(Manhole production)

Manhole Production Machine

  Mammut(Box production))