MBK Cage Welding Machines

AHCT and MBK Cage Welding Machine: Pioneering Concrete Reinforcement Technology in India

Apollo HawkeyePedershaab Concrete Technologies (AHCT), in its mission to deliver the finest and most innovative construction equipment in India, has formed a pivotal Technical Alliance with MBK Maschinenbau GmbH, a renowned German manufacturer. Since its inception in 1961, MBK has emerged as a global leader in the production of wire cage welding machines, which are essential for reinforcing concrete structures within the construction industry.

Strategic Partnership for Advanced Construction Solutions

This alliance leverages MBK's extensive expertise and technological leadership in the field of concrete reinforcement. MBK's commitment to quality and innovation is evident in their adherence to DIN EN ISO 9001 quality management systems, ensuring high standards in every machine produced. Through this collaboration, AHCT brings cutting-edge German engineering to the Indian market, enhancing the capabilities of local construction and infrastructure projects.

Key Benefits of the AHCT-MBK Alliance:

  • Access to Global Expertise: AHCT’s partnership with MBK offers Indian companies world-class technology and processes.
  • Enhanced Product Quality: The collaboration ensures that the products meet stringent international quality standards.
  • Customization and Service: MBK’s approach includes tailored solutions and exceptional service from design to after-sales support.

The MBK ISM-250 Cage Welding Machine: A Technological Marvel

A standout product of this alliance is the MBK ISM-250 cage welding machine, now manufactured in India under the stringent design specifications of MBK Maschinenbau GmbH. This machine is specifically designed for the production of wire cages used in reinforcing concrete pipes and manholes, crucial for modern infrastructure.

Features of the ISM-250 Cage Welding Machine:

  • Versatile Production Capabilities: Can produce both round straight cages and round cages with a bell, accommodating various design needs.
  • Made in India: Manufactured locally, offering easier access and support for Indian markets while adhering to German design and quality standards.

The ISM-250 represents a significant advancement in the local production capabilities of concrete reinforcement products, providing Indian industries with a reliable and efficient tool for building durable concrete structures. This machine not only stands as a testament to the successful AHCT and MBK partnership but also to the potential for international collaborations to uplift local industries with global technologies.

FAQs - Cage Welding Machines

The key features of the Wire Cage Welding Machine ISM 250 R include PLC controlled design, cage diameter ranging from 330 to 2500 mm, cage length up to 3000 mm, flexibility for producing cages with or without socket, strict production tolerance ensuring exact and straight cages, rapid chain-controlled diameter adjustment, water re-cooling system with closed circuit cooling, safety features like light barrier system and security fence, compatibility with any standard, and CE conformity.

The Wire Cage Welding Machine ISM 250 R supports 9 or 18 line wires.

Additional options for Wire Cage Welding Machines include wire decoilers for any geometry and a standard cage removal carriage.

No, the Wire Cage Welding Machine ISM 250 R does not require a foundation.

Only one operator is required to operate the Wire Cage Welding Machine ISM 250 R.

The Wire Cage Welding Machine, Type ESM-R, by Ahct, features Touch Panel and IPC/PLC control for producing round wire cages with or without sockets. It supports cage diameters from 220 to 3000 mm and lengths up to 5000 mm, offering flexibility and efficiency in cage production.

Manufacturers and suppliers offer various options for Wire Cage Welding Machines, including diameter extension (220 to 3100), production of conical pole wire cages, and automatic wire cage removal.

Yes, the Wire Cage Welding Machine, Type ESM-R, supports fully automatic production of wire cages, offering convenience and efficiency in manufacturing processes.

No, the Wire Cage Welding Machine, Type ESM-R, does not require a particular base for installation, providing flexibility in setup and operation.

Line wires are fed into the Wire Cage Welding Machine, Type ESM-R, manually, ensuring precise control over the production process.

The BSM-R Type Wire Cage Welding Machine offers Touch Panel and IPC/PLC controlled design, producing round wire cages with or without socket. It accommodates cage diameters from 220 to 5200 mm, lengths up to 7000 mm, and various line wire configurations.

The machine allows for easy adjustment of wire cage specifications through stored programs, enabling quick switching between dimensions. It offers versatility in producing inner and outer cages using linkers and can seamlessly integrate various individual programs into one working cycle.

Yes, the machine supports both manual and fully automatic production of wire cages. Line wires are manually fed into the machine, while all welding data, speeds, and dimensions are specified and programmed for automatic production.

Optional features include diameter extension (from 150 to 5290), production of conical pole wire cages, and automatic wire cage removal, enhancing the machine's capabilities based on specific requirements.

The machine is designed to be easy to maintain with low running costs. It does not require a particular base and offers efficient removal of wire cages via a cage removal trolley, minimizing downtime and ensuring cost-effectiveness in operations.