SmartSet Curing Systems

AHCT SmartSet Curing System: Revolutionizing Concrete Product Quality

AHCT’s SmartSet Curing Systems represent a leap forward in the production of high-quality concrete products by ensuring optimal curing conditions. Recognizing that the key to superior concrete strength lies in the proper hydration of cement, AHCT has developed both advanced and basic models of direct-fired steam generators designed to maintain controlled environments of heat and humidity. These systems are complemented by sophisticated kiln control systems, efficient air circulation and exhaust systems, and versatile misting and dry burners. The SmartSet Curing Systems also include comprehensive services such as installation, turnkey solutions, retrofitting, upgrades, and dedicated troubleshooting and preventative maintenance, supported by a vast inventory of parts and a dedicated technical team.

Automated Efficiency in Curing Concrete

The SmartSet technology stands out by offering automated adjustments to the curing process that respond to production demands and environmental factors. It features dynamic control mechanisms that adjust valves to regulate the flow to curing areas, modifying the firing rate of the system to match the curing load precisely. This automation ensures efficient energy use while maintaining the required temperature controls without manual intervention. Furthermore, the system automatically compensates for fluctuations in upstream water pressure, thereby stabilizing the curing environment and ensuring consistent quality across all concrete products.

Advanced Combustion and Water Control Technologies

At the core of the SmartSet Curing System is its combustion-engineered burner, which is meticulously designed to ensure positive flame propagation and retention across a wide range of conditions. This allows the burner to operate consistently under varying pressures, enhancing the reliability of the curing process. Additionally, the system’s large combustion chamber is engineered to optimize the three "T's" of combustion: time, temperature, and turbulence, which are crucial for effective and safe combustion. The separation of the water introduction from the combustion chamber eliminates risks of water-flame contact, thus preventing the formation of carbon monoxide. The auto-controlled water inlet allows for precise adjustments of steam temperature and humidity, catering to diverse curing requirements and ensuring the production of robust and durable concrete products.