SmartSet Curing Systems


In many markets, a key to the production of the highest-quality concrete products is to ensure the products being produced are able to cure in a heat and humidity controlled environment.

That’s why we developed our SmartSet Curing Systems to ensure the proper hydration of the cement and result in the strongest concrete possible.

  • Advanced and basic model direct-fired steam generators.
  • Kiln control systems.
  • Air circulation and exhaust systems.
  • Installation and turnkey services.
  • Misting and dry burners.
  • Piping and equipment installation.
  • Kilns.
  • Moving floors.
  • Retrofits and upgrades.
  • Troubleshooting and preventative maintenance.
  • Vast parts inventory.
  • Dedicated technical team and service van.



Operators or automatic controls are continuously changing which valves are open and shut to curing areas to meet production requirements. This changes the load needed for the curing system. SmartSet™ adjusts the firing rate for the curing load automatically to cure your product efficiently and maintain proper temperature control. It automatically adjusts the burner to compensate for upstream changes in water pressure changes.



The accurate control of SmartSet's outlet temperature is critical to curing a wide variety of concrete products. A very small change in the water flow results in a large change in outlet temperature. Our system automatically anticipates thermocouple reaction time during outlet temperature changes. SmartSet™ also automatically compensates for any changes in upstream water pressures or water delivery.

  • Ensures accurate viable control over the quality of the cure steam.
  • Avoids head losses caused by excess water common in low output-temperature curing systems.



The heart of the combustion system is the precision burner assembly. The burner is engineered to provide positive flame propagation and flame retention under a wide variety of gas/air ratios and line pressures. Because of this, SmartSet™ starts and burns consistently under varying operating pressures.



The chamber provides the three “T's” of proper combustion:TIME, TEMPERATURE and TURBULENCE:

  • Large enough to provide the TIME to ensure completion of combustion prior to the introduction of water.
  • Lined with refractory, this assures flame TEMPERATURE for proper combustion.
  • Produces the desired TURBULENCE for a clean burn.



Water is introduced in a separate chamber down-stream from the combustion chamber. This eliminates any possibility of water coming into contact with the flame which could cause incomplete combustion and produce dangerous carbon monoxide. The variable, automatically controlled, water supply allows the operator to select and change steam temperature (180° F to 600° F)and humidity (wet fog to dry vapor) to match any curing job with complete reliability.