Pressure Pipes Machinery

Pressure Pipe Manufacturing Expertise and Innovation

BFS, formerly known as CASAGRANDE, brings over 60 years of extensive experience in providing advanced engineering solutions, state-of-the-art machinery, and comprehensive support for the manufacturing of concrete pressure pipes and pipeline construction. Their profound expertise is demonstrated in the successful installation of 46 factories worldwide, all designed to produce various types of pressure pipes like PCCP, RCCP, RCP, and PCSP, adhering to stringent EN, AWWA, and JIS standards. This global footprint underscores BFS’s role as a leader in the pressure pipe industry, offering reliable technology for critical infrastructure projects.

Longevity and Reliability of BFS Technology

BFS's technology has facilitated the construction of over 15,000 kilometers of water pressure pipelines, ranging from 600 mm to 4200 mm in diameter, with lengths between 6000 mm and 8000 mm, and capable of handling working pressures up to 2 Mpa. The durability of these installations is notable, with all pipelines still functioning exceptionally well under various environmental conditions. This performance is a testament to BFS’s commitment to quality and innovation, ensuring that these critical infrastructures require minimal maintenance while delivering optimal functionality throughout their extensive service life.

Specialized Concrete Pressure Pipes for Diverse Applications

The product line includes Pre-stressed Concrete Pipes (P.S.C.) and Pre-stressed Concrete Cylinder Pipes (P.C.C.P.), each designed for specific applications. P.S.C. pipes are typically used in water supply systems, lift irrigation, and drainage schemes involving medium pressure, while P.C.C.P. pipes are more suited for larger-scale projects such as water transmission and distribution pipelines, sewer force mains, cooling water systems, and liners for pressure tunnels. These specialized products highlight BFS's ability to cater to a broad range of infrastructural needs, contributing to the efficient management and distribution of water resources in various regions.