Solutions for Pressure Pipes

Water pressure main pipelines are generally projects for which a life expectancy of 100 years is required. A correct approach to best result of these projects involve many engineering activities and disciplines from the survey to the planning of the activities to the structural and hydraulic design.

The 60 years BFS(previously CASAGRANDE) experience in the supply of engineering, machinery, assistance for the manufacturing of concrete pressure pipes and for the pipline construction can summarized as follow:

  • 46 factories installed all around the world for PCCP,RCCP,RCP and PCSP types according to EN,AWWA,JIS Standards.
  • 15,000 km and more of water pressure pipelines built by using BFS Technology from 600-4200 I.D.x6000-8000mm length with working pressure up to 2 Mpa.
  • All pipelines are still operating in very good conditions without particular maintenance costs after many years.

Types of pressure pipes

  • Pre - stressed Concrete Pipes (P. S.C.)
    Applications: - Water supply; lift Irrigation and drainage schemes which involve medium pressure.
  • Pre - stressed Concrete Cylinder Pipes (P. C.C.P.)
    Applications: - Water transmissions and distribution pipelines, sewer force mains, cooling water systems and liners for pressure tunnels.