Concrete Pipe Making Machines

Concrete Pipe Making Machines

Apollo HawkeyePedershaab’s CAP series encompasses a range of concrete pipe making machines designed to cater to diverse construction needs, from small-scale projects to large infrastructure demands. Each model in the series—CAP 150, CAP 200, CAP 250, and CAP 360—brings specialized capabilities and technological innovations tailored for the production of high-quality concrete pipes and related products.

CAP 150 and CAP 200: The Foundation of Efficiency

The CAP 150 and CAP 200 models are robust machines perfect for manufacturing a variety of concrete products including reinforced and non-reinforced pipes, HDPE lined pipes, jacking pipes and manholes. They feature vertical vibrated casting technology and optional dual station configurations, which can significantly increase production output. The machines are equipped with synchronized core vibration systems, frequency-controlled vibration speeds, and are capable of handling products up to 2000 mm in diameter.

CAP 250 and CAP 360: Advanced Production Capabilities

Expanding on the features of the smaller models, the CAP 250 and CAP 360 are designed for higher capacity and larger diameter requirements. These machines can produce concrete pipes and structures up to 3600 mm in diameter. Like the CAP 150 and CAP 200, these models utilize vertical vibrated casting technology but are enhanced with an electrically driven, synchronized VIHY core vibration system and additional safety & automation features. Their production capabilities are extended with features such as a laser fine filling controls and a mechanical elevation system to accommodate different product lengths.

Key Features Across All Models:

  • Vertical Vibrated Casting Technology: Ensures high-quality, dense concrete products.
  • Frequency Controlled Vibrator Speeds: Offers precise control over the concrete compaction process.
  • Optional Dual Station Capability: Increases productivity by allowing simultaneous production of different sizes.

Optional Enhancements:

  • Lifting Hole Equipment: Facilitates easier handling and installation.
  • Pneumatic Systems for Lined Pipe Casting: Enhances versatility in product types.

Each model in the CAP series is built to ensure durability, efficiency, and versatility, making them ideal for companies looking to optimize their concrete pipe production capabilities. Whether for small pipes or large culverts, the CAP machines provide reliable solutions that integrate cutting-edge technology with practical features to meet the dynamic needs of today's construction environments.