Drycast Mould Equipment

FAQs - Drycast Mould Equipment

ApolloHawkeyePedershaab supplies various types of mould equipment including Manhole Mould, Pipe Mould, Box Mould, Pipe Pallet, Box Pallet, and Header.

The moulds supplied are precise, robust, and long-lasting, enabling the production of high-quality precast concrete products such as pipes, manholes, and box culverts.

Pallets, headers, and set rings are used to form joints on the produced precast concrete products, ensuring structural integrity and stability.

ApolloHawkeyePedershaab's mould equipment can be used to produce various types of precast concrete products including pipes, manholes, and box culverts.

ApolloHawkeyePedershaab's mould equipment is distinguished by its vast experience, engineering expertise, and manufacturing capabilities, ensuring the supply of high-quality, precise, and durable moulds for concrete product manufacturing.