Application of Concrete Pipe Machine in Construction of Drainage Systems

This type of pipe is manufactured with the concrete pipe-making machine, which is able to impart the required properties on the final product for durability and functionality.

Why Concrete?

There are several reasons why the concrete pipe remains the most preferred in major applications. These include;

  • Durability : the pipe well manufactured has a design life from 70 to 100 years , and most precast installations go well over 130 years.
  • Dependable: with improved manufacturing technology precast pipes can achieve full functionality and therefore cost-effective in the long run.
  • The pipes have High beam strength without requiring further reinforcement from substrate.
  • They add value to the area due to enabling a neat and clean environment and have lower maintenance requirements
  • The pipes are made from locally available construction materials making the pipes much more affordable for very big projects.

For these properties to be realized, careful and Concrete Pipe Making Machines innovative Concrete Pipe Making Machines must be used. The equipment must also be strong to handle the compressive forces during manufacture.

Concrete Pipe Making Machines

Operation of the Concrete Pipe Machine

The vertical pipe-making machine has various components, which include;

The concrete feeding conveyor; continuously feeds the concrete into the pipe making mould / machine. The whole system is movable to allow placement, removal and transport of the pipe.

  • Head pressing system; presses the end of the pipe to achieve the desired and accurate design of the joint.
  • Central vibrator; this is important for proper compacting and placement of the concrete mix.
  • The machine frame; made of very high strength steel for proper holding and support of attached equipments.
  • The steel pipe mold; this is designed according to industry standards and determines the outside diameter of the pipe. The mould includes the inner mould, outer mold, press head bracket, base ring pallet the hoisting tools.

Other features of the concrete pipe machine

Additional features include the hydraulic system and cooling system; there is a chance of the vibrator getting hot during operation therefore cooling is important. The hydraulic system enables efficiency in lifting operations.

The electrical control system allows for semi automatic operation and very efficient mold change over system. Advanced systems such as the multicast XL BC 360 has the automated, X-Y controlled concrete feeding for faster and better production of box culverts.

Pipe machine from AHCT

Innovative models of concrete pipe making plants from AHCT Company include the CAP 150/200, CAP- 250, and the VIHY Master flex SC 60. The equipments are manufactured in India and are known for very high accuracy in making of concrete pipes, manhole systems, box culverts, lined pipes and jacking pipes.


Concrete pipes are the most preferred material in making of drainage systems. The pipes are made using the pipe-making machine, which is able to impart the required properties for functionality and durability of the system. ACHT is a reliable manufacturer of these pipe-making machines that will guarantee performance and dependability.

Concrete Pipe Making Machine