CAP 150 Concrete Pipe Making Machine

The CAP 150/200 Concrete Pipe Making Machine is a versatile and reliable machine that uses a unique vibrated casting technology to produce seamless concrete pipes. The concrete pipe making machine comes with single or twin stations and has a wide range of features. It is the most advanced design in the Indian market and is available in twin and single stations. It is available in two different models – single station and twin station. It is ideal for medium and large scale production and offers the best value for money.

The CAP-150 machine is manufactured in India and comes with a single or twin station option. The CAP-150 has the ability to upgrade to a CAP-200 machine with minimal modifications. This concrete pipe making machine features a proven core vibrator that has been the standard for more than 50 years. It provides maximum compaction power and reduces cement consumption and achieves the highest density possible. This feature enables the user to produce a high-quality concrete pipe without the hassle of labor.


The CAP-150 Concrete Pipe Machine is available in single and twin station versions. It can be upgraded to the CAP-200 with minimum modifications. The CAP-150 machine has an advanced Danish vibrator which has been the leader in the industry for 50 years. The machine offers maximum compaction power and minimizes cement consumption. It provides the highest concrete density. This means lower costs and faster production. The Multicast machine is capable of a continuous production cycle.


The CAP-150 is an Indian manufactured concrete pipe making machine. It comes in a twin station or single station version. The CAP-150 is expandable to CAP-200 with minimal modifications. It is equipped with a proven VIHY core vibrator that has dominated the concrete industry for 50 years. It also has a unique VIHY vibrator that provides the highest compaction power while minimizing cement consumption.

The CAP-150 is a single-station or twin-station concrete pipe making machine. It can be upgraded to a CAP-200 machine with minimum modifications. The multicast machine can run the entire production cycle automatically with the VIHY core vibrator. Its patented design reduces the need for manual work and is compatible with existing machines. It also features a high-quality CNC-controlled X-Y feeding system.

The CAP-150 machine is an Indian manufactured concrete pipe making machine. It comes with twin and single-station models. Its upgraded version, the CAP-200, uses advanced Danish technology. The company’s VIHY core vibrator, which has been a leader in the industry for 50 years, provides maximum compaction power and concrete density. It is ideal for medium-sized productions as it offers several advantages.