Choosing the Best Pipe Making Machine for Perfect Sewage: A Brief Overview

Facilitating a gamut of industrial operations, the concrete pipes are one of the most durable, economical and versatile conduit materials. Their application in several industrial sectors has established them as integral parts of the industrial infrastructure of the country. Some of the major uses of Precast Concrete Pipes involve the construction of culverts and sewage. Additionally, they also find application in irrigation process.

Therefore, you can perfectly gauge the significance of these pipes in ensuring proper sewage. And considering the importance of its application, it is imperative to choose the concrete pipes manufactured in the correct manner. Thus, the need for selecting the most appropriate Concrete Pipe Making-Machines cap 150 cap 200 emerges, and you should take utmost care while doing that.

Concrete Pipe Making Machines

Breezing through the available options

Perform a bit of market research and you will find two most popular types of pipe-making machines. Firstly, there are conventional spinning machines, manufacturing sewage pipes in the traditional spinning process. Secondly, it is the Vertical Vibrated Casting machines, which happens to be the latest pipe-making innovation.

Remember, your choice of the machine will directly affect the quality of the pipes. Therefore, you need to be judicious during the selection process. The following article will shed some light on the various aspects worth considering, prior to purchasing a concrete pipe machine.

Spun machine vs. vertical cast machines

In the traditional spinning process, the mould gets fed by the concrete. And the entire structure gets compacted by the centrifugal spinning process. Whereas in the case of vertical cast pipes, the dry concrete mixture is placed inside the pipe structure, and the entire inner core receives a complete vibration, which further results in the compaction of the concrete. Now, this vertical core vibration process of the Vertical Vibrated Casting machines ensures several benefits in the pipe-making process.

Mechanism of vertical cast machines

  1. Quite unlike its counterparts working with the spinning mechanism, vertical concrete pipe machines ensure homogenous compaction. Other than that, these machines also make sure that the materials distribution processes occur uniformly.
  2. The machine further exhibits a uniform crushing strength, especially at jacking surfaces. Moreover, it is tough to find any leakage or stony surface areas.
  3. Finally, the spigot receives a perfect compaction and dry-cast pressing, thus making it highly strong.


The aspects stated above speak about the working mechanism of the Vertical Vibrated Casting machines. But, before finalizing your purchase decision, you must gain profound knowledge of its advantages too.

Apart from improving environmental footprints and yielding robust sewage pipes, the vertical cast process helps sewage constructors change their perceptions on the entire pipe making process. The concrete pipe machine working with this particular mechanism is high on efficiency and thus capable of producing close to 60 to 80 pipes per day. Now, that is a major gain compared to limited constraints of spun pipes.

Other advantages for worksites

Some of the major benefits of the vertical cast pipe making machine include:


It will be judicious to make your move, after getting knowledgeable on these aspects and making significant considerations. However, the current market trends state that the Vertical Vibrated Casting pipe-making machines are the best bets for a productive concrete pipe making plant. Select these machines and ensure perfect sewage operations.