Cutting Edge Mould Making Machines with High Productivity and Low Maintenance

Essential Features of Mould Making Machines

The Concrete Pipe Making Machinesis at the heart of the concrete pipe making process. The moulds are manufactured from durable, high strength materials that resist corrosion and abrasion. The pipe moulds have internal and external cylinders such that the concrete materials are filled in between the two sections. Since concrete pipes come in various sizes; the diameter, length and internal shape is a replica of the product to be manufactured. The ends of the mould are also designed to allow for flush or rubber ring jointing.

The moulds are specially designed so that they can be closed and opened into two halves to enable easy removal of the final product. The locking mechanism can be manual or hydraulic.

Mould Making Machines

Compaction is critical in achieving the required strength, appearance and making long lasting pipes. This is achieved through consolidation and compaction processes. Consolidation is done by vibration and removes honeycombs, voids and any trapped air. Through core and table vibration, pressure waves are generated and these shake the particles allowing better packing, bonding and removal of air. Table vibration is widely used in non conventional shapes such as square, rectangular and irregularly shaped culverts. Compaction is achieved through pressing at the top.

Vertical Vibration Casting Process

This is the most advanced concrete moulding process. The process uses moulds that are mounted below the floor to reduce emissions and noise. Materials are added between the two moulds through a rotating and vibrating system. Compaction is then done before the material is removed.

Concrete Pipe Making Machines

This machine is suitable for high production of durable and reliable products. Jacking pipes, straight, box and irregular pipes can be manufactured easily. The machinery has easy automatic handling and loading, easy maintenance, achieve high quality smooth finish as well as high dimensional stability for diameter, length and weight.

Civil and Structural Standards in Concrete Pipes

Standards for pipes depend on the application, strength and pressure. Concrete pipe machine standards specify the dimensions and size; the allowable loading, maximum pressure, amount of fill for buried pipes, tolerances at the flush joints, internal finish, as well as installation. In terms of strength, they are rated as standard or reinforced pipes. Moulding machines are designed to manufacture various classes of pipes.

Fast and Reliable Installation Using Jacking Pipe Machinery

Pipe jacking is a modern cutting edge technology that allows pipes to be pushed through the tunnel as excavation continues. The pipe must be suitably moulded to impact high strength as it is thrust through the tunnel.

Achieving High Production Using Culvert and Lined Pipe Moulds

Lined pipes are in most culverts, storm water and sewer lines to increase strength, prevent leakages and reduce corrosion. These pipes have inner steel of polythene lining. Specially designed moulds are available for easy, fast and economical casting of these pipes.

Manhole and Prebed Pipes Moulding Machinery

Pre-bed concrete pipes and well as specially shaped manhole pipes have unique shapes and strength requirement. Specially designed moulds are used to produce reliable, durable and high strength pipes.