Diversifying the shape of Construction Through Mould Equipment

Construction is a tedious and wholesome process which utilises skill set from each and every department that it holds. Beginning from the layout to actual measurement on site and turning the structure drawn on paper to reality. Therefore it is obvious that this process will involve multiple sets of equipment during the process. One such tool is Mould Equipment and as the name suggests it is used to give a workable shape to the raw ingredients. The basic ingredients to be used in the process is Concrete.

Mould Equipment for Redefining Shapes

Mould equipment is meant to provide shapes to the liquid concrete mix so that they can be used upon after getting dried. There is a massive scope of concrete usage whether it be pipes or spigot or manhole systems. Mould vary in sizes varying from as small as pipe pallet to as huge as mould equipment for manhole systems. Pipe pallets are one of the essential parts in the pipe making process as the joints in the pipe is crucial for leak proof applications. Therefore these pallets need to be secured safely at the end of the pipes.


Mould equipment for box culverts is a modulated system of steel formworks that are designed for the enhanced production of precast box culverts and half-frames with the use of wet cast concrete. The opening and assembly of the mould are manually handled adjoining the necessary elements in accordance to dimensions of the frame. Depending on the supplied set of formwork, each measurement is given equal importance in order to prepare the mould. Similar patterns of fixing systems are used to add additional supplements to the outer mould. This technique helps in adjusting the thickness of the precast box culverts.


Mould equipment for straight pipes is these days manufactured in a variety of shapes such as straight pipe, socket pipe, Lined Pipe, Jacking Pipe etc. Box mould is another type of mould which are square shaped concrete boxes made with arches sometimes to support long standing structures.

Mould equipment for manhold is a mould developed to construct manholes for water systems such as water supply or sewage systems, gas supply lines and communications systems. Manhole moulds are custom designed as per dimension and the type of pipe that needs to pass through this manhole. Precast manhole moulds are installed in order to check for its maintenance and control as and when needed.

Applications of Mould Equipment Construction of bridges, irrigation system or roads etc. requires concrete in different shapes and sizes as per their constitutional design. Few of them need concrete blocks in the process while some prefer concrete pipes. Irrigation system management requires large diameter pipes and manholes and mould equipment manage to do so for all at one time.

The Bottom Line

Apollo Concrete Solutions, strategically located in Gujarat, with a huge manufacturing plant that promises to deliver best in class casting solutions to its clients. The company’s innovative technology, huge investment on heavy equipment has helped it to deliver its vision completely. The company’s prognostic vision and its strategic ties with the International company also reinforce the company’s motive.