How to Choose the Ideal Wire Cage Welding Machine for Your Application

Wire Cage welding machine is one of the extensively preferred machines used in the production of round wire cages that may or may not contain socket. The machine mainly finds application in the construction industry as it provides one of the efficient means of achieving the task. Some of the machines are also designed to produce cylinders of different shapes. Wire cage welding machine has the ability to produce cages that can vary in diameter from 330 to 2500 mm and the length up to 3000 mm. The number of line wires which the machine allows for can be 9, 18.

Technical Aspects of the Machine

A wire cage welding machine is a highly sturdy piece of equipment and is flexible enough to be used for various applications. Its stable construction imparts a long life span making it one of the preferred machines for the job. The machine is entirely controlled by limit switches and PLC and thus requires very little change over time. With the help of a water-cooled system being installed in the machine, the wire cage welding machine holds the ability to be operated for a prolonged duration of time. As a protective measure, the machine is also provided with a security fence on the left & right sides as well as at the central divisional area. Thus, the safety of the operator is ensured at all times.

Selecting the Wire Cage Welding Machine as per the Desired Application

A wire cage welding machine is available in multiple variants that differ in dimensions. Thus, for different applications, one must look at these specifications before going on to buy one. If one is looking to procure a wire cage welding machine for the application of reinforced manholes and concrete pipes, then ISM-250-R from MBK Maschinenbau GmbH is the most ideal one. It is considered apt for a wide diameter range that varies from 330 mm to 2500 mm. It is also a viable option for applications that include close tolerance levels. Such applications involve precise and straight cages and thus it is absolutely necessary that machine follows close tolerance levels. ISM-250-R is known for working within such preset close tolerance levels. For applications involving round straight cages and round cage with bel, one must select this machine as well to achieve high production rates. This wire cage welding machine boasts of a stable construction that ensures flexibility in operation and rigidity. It is suitable for working in the atmosphere between the temperature range of 5-40 degrees. Since the technical execution of the machine is according to the CE conformity, one can bank upon its durability.

The Bottom Line:

Apollo concrete solutions has created a niche for itself when it comes to providing types of machinery for construction applications. Our machines boast of being manufactured as per the international standards that increase the workability & productivity of the workplace. We have state of the art manufacturing facilities that enables us to produce the machines that are technologically efficient.