MBK Wire Cage Welding Machine ISM 250-R

MBK, a leading manufacturer of wire cage welding machines, focuses on innovative design. With short development cycles, the company can respond to new market requirements quickly. MBK is a global leader in welding systems and machines, with more than 60 countries served. Its wire cage welding machines can be used to produce high-quality steel, aluminum, stainless steel, and titanium parts.

The ESM wire cage welding machine is designed to produce round cages with or without socket. It can produce double-layered cages without the need for a second operator. It can make both single and double-layered cages and is easy to use. It is highly efficient and reliable. It has a programmable winding wire pitch that ensures high variability. Its automation features a LAN/WLAN connection and touch panels for programming.

Dual Weld: Dual Weld allows you to switch between welding processes. You can select a synchronous division of wires. The machine can switch between these processes with ease. Its features include a LAN/WLAN connection, a colour touch screen, and a built-in programmable program. In addition, this wire cage welding machine can be customized with various parameters.


ESM wire cage machine is a high-speed wire cage welding machine that has been in manufacturing since 2012. This machine is a cost-effective solution for medium reinforcement numbers. It is a simple to use, easy-to-operate machine that requires only one or two operators. It has stored programs that adjust the specification of the wire. Changing the dimension of the cage is an easy process.


ESM wire cage welding machine is a great option for companies that require moderate reinforcement numbers. It is a versatile, cost-effective, and energy-efficient machine that can produce round or oval wire cages. The machine has two model options: conical cage and square cages. It is easy to switch between these two styles. The BSM is a popular choice for those in the construction industry.

This machine features a Dual Weld feature that lets you switch between welding processes. Its programmable features allow you to switch between asynchronous and parallel division of wires. The ISM 250 R is an economical investment for smaller production volumes. However, it has the same high-performance capabilities as the more expensive ISM 550WW. It is also easy to program and uses touch screens for data entry.

The ISM-250R is a versatile wire cage welding machine that makes pipe-shaped parts with ease. Its conical and round configurations allow you to create a variety of shapes and sizes, including tubular structures. The ISM-250R comes with a large number of features and options. It is a powerful and versatile machine for the construction industry. It has a dual servo motor, an adjustable clamp, and a swivel joist.