Role of Concrete Machines in Infrastructure Development

Concrete machines have made the task of handling concrete much simpler and easier. This has made a big difference in the construction market and also inspired the construction of bigger and better buildings. Machines like pipe making machine have proved to be valuable in Infrastructure development projects.

What are concrete machines?

They can handle the tough labor intensive tasks involved in the construction of buildings. There are many types of concrete-machines available depending on the size of a construction project, concrete pipe making machine is one of them. Any infrastructure development project small or big will have have a requirement for concrete machines. For example, there is a high demand for concrete pump during any kind of construction. Concrete boom pumps have a high capacity and can save a lot of time. Such pumps make a bigger difference when it is a large infrastructure development project.

Similarly pipes are also in high demand in such construction projects and there are several advantages of making use of since they are easily available, strong, non-flammable and also environment-friendly. Thus, concrete concrete pipe making machine are also a boon to the construction industry.

Types of Concrete Machines

  • Concrete Batching Plants
  • Concrete pipe making machine
  • Concrete Mixer
  • Concrete Pumps
  • Shotcrete Machine
  • Automatic Concrete Machine
  • Semi Automatic Concrete Machine
  • Concrete Recycling Plant

Benefits of Infrastructure Development

The main aim of development is to improve quality of life and encourage economic growth. This can be any type of infrastructure development like transportation, water, green infrastructure, commercial or residential infrastructure, etc. Development projects like Health systems are for the well-being of people, critical infrastructure like bridges help connect cities, transport-infrastructure helps move people and so forth.

There are several good examples of benefits of good infrastructure-development. One example is the development project of high-speed railway between Tokyo & Osaka cut traveling time to 2.5 hours from 7, thus improving productivity and saving time of millions of people.

Concrete Machines make Infrastructure Development possible

There is an increase in the number of construction projects in India and all over the world. This has also resulted in growth of the concrete-machines industry. The type of infrastructure development projects driving the growth of the concrete equipment include road, real estate, civic amenities, railway projects.

The following concrete construction equipment are vital for any infrastructure project to be successful:

  • Concrete pipe making machine: Help develop piping system necessary for any new construction project which is environmental friendly and durable.
  • Concrete Batch Plant: This is optimal equipment for generating large amount of concrete, being able to mix all vital ingredients well and prevent wastage.
  • Concrete Pump: A concrete pump saves a lot of time and effort. A concrete-pump can be truck or trailer mounted and are flexible & fast.
  • Shotcrete Machines:This makes wet and dry concrete spraying very easy and efficient, especially if space is a constraint.
  • Concrete Mixer:This can transport large quantity of concrete mix on a construction site in quick time.

Stats and Facts of Concrete Machines


  • In 2014 North American market was the third biggest with a 21% share.
  • In 2015 an Illinois base construction company, Caterpillar topped a list for world’s largest construction machinery maker.
  • Projected construction equipment market size in 2020 is $89.3 billion.
  • USA construction machinery gross output 28.7 Billion USA.
  • In 2016 there were approximately 186,000 units delivery in North America alone.
  • The global construction market size estimation for 2017 was 192 billion.