Manufacturer of Concrete Pipe Machines Accessories like Pallets, Set Rings and Headers.

Pipe Machine Accessories – Pallets, Set Rings, Headers


  • Pallet is one of the important part in pipe making process. The joints in pipe are crucial for leak proof applications. Considering this importance, we offer pipe machine pallets which will serve the dual purpose i.e. become the conductor of transferring the vibration and profile of the pipes is maintained as per IS458:2003 Standards.

Set Rings

  • For the VIHY vibration Technology Pipe machines set rings are used.
  • The set rings are used after green pipe is taken-out from the Mould. The technical reason is being to protect the pipe spigot end from any possible shrinkage.
  • Set rings can be taken-off from the mould after 2-3 hours. This is most economical method of joint applications.
  • The pipe machine setrings are made of fibre glass material which is lighter in weight and easy for handling.


  • Stay-In-Place Headers are used for
    • Most precise joint dimensions of Pipe Machine Headers
    • Smooth, polished spigot surface
    • No grinding of out-of-spec spigots