Amifast : Precast Lifting Devices and Fasteners

AMIFAST: Innovating Precast Lifting Technology

AMIFAST, now under the Afinitas brand umbrella, has been a stalwart in the construction and industrial sectors for over 30 years, delivering high-quality precast lifting anchors and accessories. Our products are essential in facilitating the safe and efficient handling of heavy precast elements, designed to comply with stringent OSHA 1926.704 standards. This commitment to excellence ensures that each product from AMIFAST not only supports the structural integrity of construction projects but also enhances workplace safety.

Excellence and Reliability in Concrete Accessories

Dedicated to providing superior concrete accessories, AMIFAST has cultivated a reputation for reliability and quality. The company understands the significant impact of timely product availability in the construction process and prioritizes accessible supply chains to meet customer demands swiftly. By offering durable and tested lifting solutions, AMIFAST continues to be an indispensable partner in the construction industry, ensuring projects proceed smoothly and efficiently.