Concrete Pipe Making Machines : CAP 150, CAP 200

CAP series machines from Apollo HawkeyePedershaab are dry cast machine for manufacturing almost any type of high quality concrete products:

  • Reinforced and Non-reinforced pipes
  • Circular and non-circular pipes with a “bell” or in-wall joint
  • Lined pipe with PE, HDPE, PVC or GRP
  • Jacking pipes
  • Box culverts, U-Drains
  • Manhole risers
  • Cones

Vertical Vibrated
Casting Technology

Single and Twin Station Capability

A second production station can be installed initially or added in the future. Second station permits two different product sizes to be produced at-a-time and virtually doubles machine output.


  • Compaction by synchronized core vibration.
  • Frequency controlled vibration speed.
  • Concrete feeding by radial horizontal feeder with rotating chute.
  • Hydraulic pressing/rocking function.
  • Demoulding by overhead crane.
  • Powered pivot for press arm and concrete feeder.
  • Stationary control panel with PLC control system & digital display.


Diameter MM Reinforced Pipe Manhole Riser Manhole Riser Box Culverts
300 7 - - 4
600 7 11 16 4
900 7 9 16 3.5
1200 5 8 14 3
1500 4.5 7 12 2.5
1800 4 6.5 10 2.2
2000 3.5 5.5 8 1.9


Model Circular Pipes Box Culverts /
Manhole Cones
Max Product
CAP 150 300-1500 300-1200 2500
CAP 200 300-2000 300-1500 2500


The CAP 150/200 can be supplied with a number of add-on features to make operations and handling even easier and improve production in general. These include:

  • Lifting hole equipment
  • Pneumatic equipment for casting of lined pipe
  • Elevating system
  • Top ring (header) system
  • Double casting stations
  • 3 Meter length
  • Quick relocated platform / pit cover
  • Pneumatic pallet locking
  • Direct cast-in pin holes for step holes or inserts

FAQs - Concrete Pipe Making Machines : CAP 150, CAP 200

The CAP series machines can manufacture reinforced and non-reinforced pipes, circular and non-circular pipes with various joints, lined pipes with materials like PE, HDPE, PVC, or GRP, jacking pipes, box culverts, manhole risers, and cones.

Standard features include compaction by synchronized core vibration, frequency-controlled vibration speed, concrete feeding by a radial horizontal feeder, hydraulic pressing/rocking function, and demoulding by overhead crane.

Production capability varies with product size. For instance, for reinforced pipes with a diameter of 300mm, the machine can produce 7 pipes per hour, while for pipes with a diameter of 1200mm, it can produce 8 pipes per hour.

For circular pipes, the CAP 150 model can handle diameters ranging from 300mm to 1500mm, while the CAP 200 model can handle diameters from 300mm to 2000mm. The maximum product length is 2500mm for both models.

Optional features include a powered pivot for the press arm and concrete feeder, stationary control panel, lifting hole equipment, pneumatic equipment for casting lined pipes, elevating system, cooling system for the vibrator, double casting stations, 3-meter length, and quick relocated platform/pit cover.


Concrete Pipe Making Machines : CAP 150, CAP 200

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