Pipe Master : Concrete Pipe Unloader



Fast and dependable way to unload concrete pipe with smooth hydraulic action.


  • Supplemental Safety Barrier.
  • New 50% Wider Forks.
  • New Manifold Technology.
  • Increased Oil Capacity.
  • Visual Oil Gauge.

MODEL : 3100


It can unload pipe as small as 300mm diameter or 82 kg; and pipe up to 2000mm diameter or 4990 kg. It can unload such pipe sizes as 1500mm x 2.5m, 1800mm x 1.8m, and 2000mm x 1.2m within the weight limit.

MODEL : 3206


It can unload pipe weighing as little as 227 kg and pipe up to 2400mm diameter or 9344 kg. It can unload such pipe sizes as 2000mm x 2.5m, and 2400mm x 1.8m within the weight limit.

  • The Pipemaster Pipe Unloader is an efficient, safer, and dependable way to unload concrete pipe.
  • This concrete pipe unloading equipment has a smooth hydraulic action that virtually eliminates pipe breakage.
  • Pipe can be unloaded almost as fast as they can be rolled off the truck. And it's economical.
  • The Pipemaster is completely self-contained and requires no external power source.
  • Its rugged construction makes for years of trouble-free pipe unloading.



Lifting Turning Yokes allows to lift, transport and tilt cured concrete pipes.

MODEL : LT-1400

  • Outer pipe diameter : 700mm to 2500mm
  • Max. pipe weight : 14 Ton

MODEL : LT-2500

  • Outer pipe diameter : 1400mm to 4216mm
  • Max. pipe weight : 25 Ton