All About Pressure Pipes

Pressure Piping is a set of pipes designed and constructed to contain a flow of fluid at high pressure. They have an assembly of pipes, pipe fittings valves, and accessories subject to internal or external pressure and can contain or convey fluid pressure. They have the advantage of lasting for years as they are engineered using the latest technology and the best quality input.

Advantages of Pressure pipes

There are many benefits of pressure management in the supply network and is the most cost-effective leakage management activity. A few worth mentioning are-

  • Improve Energy and Maintenance Costs- They can handle a wide range of external loads and internal pressures which makes them a sustainable solution. The reliability and quality help in a seamless delivery saving a lot of energy by avoiding leakage. Also, the concrete pipes are easy to install and require very little maintenance resulting in life cycle costs.
  • Adaptability- The Pipes are custom designed and can be manufactured to meet any specific needs of a project.
  • Adaptability- The Pipes are custom designed and can be manufactured to meet any specific needs of a project.


  • Pre Stressed Concrete Pipes- One of the most important advantages of pre-stressed concrete pipes is that they are resistant to physical damage. Their corrosion properties are so good that they serve the ideal infrastructure for industrial piping. They are commonly used large diameter pipe manufactured by concrete and the high tensile wire that is helically placed around the concrete core under specific tension that gives great strength to the pipe. Their applications include water supply, lift irrigation, and drainage schemes that involve medium pressure.
  • Pre Stressed Concrete Cylinder Pipes – The PCCP brings together concrete’s high compressive strength along with the steel’s high tensile strength to form a durable and strong structure that can stand any project’s requirement. Its benefits owe it to its unique design concept featuring a steel cylinder for water tightness and a rugged high strength concrete structural core circumferentially pre stressed with the high strength steel wire. Miniscule details are catered and each section of the pipe is fabricated to meet the specific internal pressure and external loading. Its application includes water transmission and distribution pipelines, sewer force mains, cooling water systems, and liners for pressure tunnels. Their features include-


  1. Ease of installation and economical solution- The PCCP is installed in less time on the site. It needs no special bedding or backfilling under the normal ground conditions and can save cost time and potential problems.
  2. High-Pressure Capacity- The rigid walls can fully support the external forces of the surrounding earth. They also have built-in corrosion protection. The PCCP is the best piping material that is designed for the simultaneous application of internal pressure and external load.

How the PCCP pipes are handled and laid-

The Pipes use the services of a special saddle to be transported on flat trucks laid horizontally. The crawl crane lays the pipe beside the road and along the trench. With the help of a crawling crane, the pipes are installed. The other pipes are pulled along and joint with the laid pipes with the help of a hydraulic jack from the inside of the pipe. Manufacturers use a lot of safety measures and ensuring that the strength of the pipes on various touch parameters. The pipes have been used for various lift irrigation projects, pressurized water conveyance, and water infrastructure projects in various Government and private departments.