Cage Welding Machine – All About Types & Advanced Technology

The use of automated cage welding machine is very common in various industries where high-class welding of pipes and other instruments is frequently required. These machines are mainly used for the production of wire cages. Among the top fields where such cages are used manhole and concrete pipe industry are the two major ones. With the advent of the latest technologies these machines receive some of the finest development and become able to offer supreme performance as per the requirement of the production. There are Cage Welding Machines available in the market. The main purpose of using these machines is same. However, you can notice some distinct and obvious features in various models.


MBK ISM-250 Cage Welding Machine

MBK ISM-250 Cage Welding Machine is one of the widely used types of such tool. This machine is mainly used for the making of reinforced manholes as well as concrete pipes. Both the round straight cages and the round cage with bell can be manufactured with the help of this machine. The main machine comes with some additional accessories which are optional for regular use. These add-on features are there to increase the production quality and quantity. The MBK ISM-250 Cage Welding Machine is extremely durable and stays stable in huge production pressure. Only one operator is required to control the machine which makes it highly cost-effective too.

MBK ESM-250 Cage Welding Machine

This type of machine is mainly used to produce round wire cages that may or may not have sockets. The production process of this machine is not very complex and only one or two operators are needed to perform the task in a perfect manner. That means this machine can be a cost-effective venture for your business. There are stored programs in the machine to adjust the wire cage specification for an error-free production. There are features through which the cage dimensions can be switched easily from one to another.

MBK ESM-250 Cage Welding Machine

MBK BSM-190 Cage Welding Machine

Similar to the previous one, this machine is also capable of producing round wire cages with or without any socket. The machine has touch panel as well as IPC/PLC controlled design. This feature makes it easier to operate the machine. It also increase the production time and make it a cost-effective venture. The machine has fully automatic production system of the wire cages that ensure the faster production every time. The machine is easy to maintain and it does not require any particular base. There is a cage removal trolley to remove the cage after the final production is done.

>MBK BSM-190 Cage Welding Machine

Choosing the Right Machine

There are lots of companies that manufacture such kind of MBK cage welding machine. Whenever you wish to buy the item, you should consider buying it from the most reputed company. This will ensure the durability and the best quality of the machine. Make sure that the machine will help you to produce the maximum number of wire cages within the shortest possible time. Try the most cost-effective ones in the market to enjoy a good ROI. Check the available options in the market and then take the final decision.