Cage Welding Machine - Importance in Manhole & Concrete Pipe Industry

Why To Choose Concrete Pipes?

There are several factors that make the concrete pipes to be more preferred over other types of pipes. These pipes have been found to be strong, durable, dependable, nonflammable, easily available on order, cost effective, have good hydraulic efficiency; they have more sustainability and are environmentally friendly.

The compressive strength of the concrete pipes range from 4000PSI up to 8000 PSI. Wire reinforcement in concrete pipes significantly adds to this compressive strength. The use of the automatic cage welding machine for making of this wire reinforcement has made the manufacturing processes easier and made these pipes more long lasting, durable and preferable that other pipes used for similar work.

The Cage Welding Machine

The development of the cage welding machine came at a time when it was realized that there was a lot of wastage of time and labor in the assembly of the steel cages for use in the various construction projects. The construction process of the traditional manual steel cage proved to be a loss in productivity due to the slow and time consuming assembly process. The Cage Welding machines is now widely used in steel processing plants and in concrete pipe manufacturing where it delivers speed accuracy and efficiency in the cage manufacturing. Some of the inherent advantages of the cage welding machine for making of manholes and concrete pipes include;

Cage Welding Machines
  • The machine is developed with advanced technology, with parts developed after a lot of research to deliver high efficiency and high endurance and the designing’s are also safe and reliable.
  • The wire cage welding machine is made with Programmable logic controls and LCD display systems for easy operation. These deliver high precision and accuracy during operation. The machines also have well developed graphics that is well able to communicate with other operational software’s.
  • Electrical resistance welding technology with energy conservation measures ensures that power savings are achieved.
  • The machine can manufacture cages of various diameters ranging from 600 mm to over 2000 mm with high maximum welding efficiency that can exceed 70 points/minute.
  • The machine can work continuously for long hours, requiring minimum maintenance and change of parts, thus guaranteeing durability and good rate of return.

For a trouble free de-coiling during the manufacturing process, production layer wound coils are used .The smooth or deformed reinforcement wire is made of a suitable resistance for spot welding and corresponds to high quality and grade for strong cage formation. To ensure trouble free weldability, the machine uses coils wire that is free of scale, corrosion and other impurities.


Automated Wire Feeding

The incorporation of the automatic wire feeding system makes the operator work very easy and the risks of accidents are highly reduced to the bare minimum. The longitudinal wire production and feed are made in synchronized system with the production process, and also takes into account that different lengths are used in a single cage.