Quality and Innovative Concrete Pipe Manufacturing for Great Returns

With the increasing demand in concrete products, it has become crucial for all builders to align themselves with professional and competent manufacturers who will deliver quality and quantity as required. Apollo HawkeyePedershaab Concrete Technologies Pvt. Ltd (AHCT) is one of the best manufacturers for these products in India.


A concrete pipe making machines cap 150 cap 200 is available such as the CAP -150/200, CAP 250, VIHY Master flex SC 60. the master flex sc 60 is a great solution for production of the smaller diameter and non reinforced concrete ducts and operates on the module of the vihymatic system. The production capabilities of these machines are extremely high with the sc 60 able to produce greater than 600 tubes per run and the triple production mode.


The CAP -150/200 is versatile Concrete Pipe Making Machines Cap 150 cap 200which uses vibrated casting technology for manufacturing of concrete pipes, culverts, jacking pipes and even lined pipes. Some of the benefits of this machine include semi automatic operation, VIHY core and table vibration, quick mold changing systems, optional header systems and most of all the adjustable box culvert molds.


The pipe plus series of machines offers great manufacturing value and productivity. This pipe manufacturing equipment can produce greater than 400 tubes per cycle and are ideal for production of manholes and larger diameter pipes.


Cage Welding machinesare designed to produce wire cages from 220mm up to 3000mm in diameter. Some of the innovations of this equipment include automatic and computerized equipment calibration, manually fed lines and wires, auto production of wire cages and easier change of cage dimensions through a computerized system.


Improved pipe manufacturing technology has led to production of higher quality pipes and increased production output. This company has been at the forefront of this technology development which has made it prosper and excel in service delivery.

Concrete Pipe Making Machine