Manufacturer & Exporter of Wire Cage Welding Machines

Wire Cage Welding Machine, Type ESM-R

  • Ahct Cage welding machine is with Touch Panel and IPC/PLC controlled design for producing round wire cages with and without socket.
  • Cage diameter from 220 to 3000 mm
  • Cage length up to 5000 mm
  • Number of line wires: 12, 18, 24, 36(more available on request)
  • Adjustment of wire cage specifications via stored programmes
  • All welding data, speeds and dimensions for each cage are specified and programmed and are immediately available after the cage programme has been loaded.
  • Easy switching to other cage dimensions via the relevant programmes allows for cage dimensions to be adjusted very quickly.
  • Producing inner / outer cages using linkers. Various individual programmes are interconnected to one single working cycle. Both inner and outer cages can be produced automatically without resetting the cage welder.
  • Production according to production and/or construction site lists.
  • Line wires are fed into the wire cage welding machine manually
  • Fully automatic production of wire cages.
  • Removal of the wire cage via cage removal trolley
  • No particular base required
  • Easy to maintain, low running cost

Options: Cage Welding Machines

  • Diameter extension (220 to 3100)
  • Production of conical pole wire cages
  • Automatic wire cage removal