VIHY Masterflex SC 60

Concrete Pipe Making Machines

VIHY Masterflex SC 60 – Mass Production of Small-Diameter, Non-Reinforced Concrete Machinery

Manufacturer of VIHY Masterflex SC 60 Concrete Machine for Mass Production of small-diameter, non-reinforced concrete pipes.

The VIHY Masterflex SC 60 is the industry’s best solution for the mass production of small-diameter, non-reinforced concrete pipes. Based on the principles of the Vihymatic, the best-selling pipe machine of all time, the Masterflex SC 60 comes in an extremely compact package, able to fit into even the tightest of building configurations.

The VIHY Masterflex SC 60 covers dimension ranges typically not found in competitive machinery. Along with the small-diameter pipes, the machine is also capable of producing branch pipes and gulley pots.

In addition to being able to produce more than 600 pipes/shift in triple production mode, VIHY Masterflex SC 60 is also sturdy, simple to operate and easy to service – allowing operators with only minimal training to operate the machine. The Masterflex SC 60 is a machine of robust construction and is sold as a one-man, stand-alone machine with the possibility to be extended to any degree of automation, even as a fully-automatic production facility.

Production Capabilities

    • Triple-pipe production from 100-250mm (4-10″)
    • Double-pipe production of 300mm (12″)
    • Single-pipe production from 375-600mm (15-24″)
    • Maximum pipe length of 1.5m (6′)

Features & Benefits

    • 1, 2 or 3 Pipe Production
    • VIHY Core Vibration
    • No Required Overhead Crane
    • Header System
    • Fully Automatic Operation

1, 2 or 3 Pipe Production

Choose to multiply productivity on the smaller size ranges through double or triple production.

The Masterflex SC 60 enables the mass-production of small-diameter pipe through the machine’s unique ability to allow two or even three molds to be run on the machine simultaneously.

VIHY Core Vibration

Use advanced Danish technology to ensure maximum concrete density.

The VIHY core vibrator has been the industry’s leading vibrator for more than 50 years. Its precision build quality and dry-sump, oil-lubricated design allows for speeds and powers unmatched by competitive vibrators – guaranteeing the customer maximum compaction power, reduced cement consumption and maximum concrete densities.

No Required Overhead Crane

Save building costs and equipment cost by eliminating need for a factory overhead crane.

Even in its stand-alone, semi-automatic configuration, the VIHY Masterflex SC 60 makes use of an electric-powered cart to move pipes to and from the curing area rather than an overhead crane – allowing for a lower and less expensive building.

Header System

Produce pipe with perfectly round, glass-like spigots –ensuring exact field pipe connections.

Use of stay-in-place headers allows for the production of pipe with more precise male-end spigots with a smoother surface finish.

Fully Automatic Operation

Automate to save labor and achieve precisely repeatable production cycles, guaranteeing each product is as high-quality as the next.

The VIHY Masterflex is uniquely designed to eliminate the need for a machine operator – instead controlling all its movements and operations through the use of a computerized controller.

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