Pipe Unloader, Pipe Lifting and Turning Yoke

Advanced Unloading with Pipe Master Concrete Pipe Unloaders

The Pipe Master series introduces cutting-edge solutions for unloading concrete pipes, integrating models 3100 and 3206 that are tailored to enhance operational efficiency on construction sites. The Model 3100 is adept at handling 2.5M length pipes ranging from 300mm to 1500mm in diameter and from 82 kg to 4990 kg in weight, while the Model 3206 extends this capability to pipes up to 2000mm in diameter and 9344 kg in weight. Both models boast advanced features like wider forks, increased oil capacity, and new manifold technology, ensuring smooth and safe handling of concrete pipes.

Enhanced Safety and Efficiency in Pipe Handling

These unloaders are designed not only for efficiency but also with a strong emphasis on safety. They include supplemental safety barriers and a visual oil gauge to ensure proper maintenance and operation. The hydraulic action used in these machines minimizes the risk of pipe breakage, allowing for a fast unloading process that can keep pace with the quick turnover required on modern construction projects. This efficiency is crucial in reducing downtime and increasing productivity at job sites.

Complementary Handling Solutions with Lifting Turning Yokes

To complement the capabilities of the Pipe Master unloaders, the Lifting Turning Yokes, models LT-1400 and LT-2500, are engineered for effective transport and precise positioning of concrete pipes. The LT-1400 accommodates pipes with outer diameters from 700mm to 2500mm and weights up to 14 tons, while the LT-2500 handles larger sizes up to 4216mm in outer diameter and 25 tons in weight. These yokes ensure that large concrete pipes can be safely lifted, transported, and tilted, streamlining the installation process and enhancing overall site safety.