Wire Cage Welding Machine Manufacturer

Wire Cage Welding Machine ISM 250 R (Made In India)


  • PLC controlled design of cage welding machine for producing round wire cages with and without socket.
  • Cage diameter from 330 to 2500 mm
  • Cage length up to 3000 mm
  • Number of line wires: 9, 18
  • High flexibility, more reliability and long life span due to stable construction
  • Strictest production tolerance for exact and straight cages. Compatibility with any standard
  • Rapid chain controlled diameter adjustment (hydraulic, low-maintenance)
  • Water re-cooling system with closed circuit cooling (only necessary to fill once)
  • Safety light barrier system separated for feeding and cage removal side
  • Security fence on the left / right side as well as at the central division area
  • Double layer cages can be made in intervals, without requiring any changes on the wire cage welding machine (inner-outer-inner-outer cage etc.).
  • Control of the machine with limit switches and PLC, safety with secure input / output in dual channel (double redundancy)
  • Technical execution of the wire cage welding machine according to CE Conformity
  • Very low change over times
  • No foundation required
  • Only one operator required

Options: Wire Cage Welding Machines

  • Wire decoilers for any geometry
  • Cage removal carriage (Standard)